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Hampton Cove Wedding Venue is a veteran-family-owned business helping you tell your love story. It’s our passion to serve our community, and our family genuinely cares for you and your love story. We know there are no “do-overs” and you can only tell it once. But with Hampton Cove Wedding Venue, your story will live on forever. 
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Hello! We are Carla and Greg Dorough, the owners of Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation. We have spent our lives making memories come true for each other. We understand that marriage is a pivotal moment in life and wanted to ensure that all marriages started with nothing but the best. We want to help you tell your story.

In 2012, we decided to pursue this dream and created Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation with our family. Our hope is that every couple or person who comes to Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation gets to live their dreams. And that every couple’s story begins just like our’s did: with a day that changes everything perfectly.

We understand the gravity of your wedding day and are constantly updating, listening, and growing to remain a leader of the venues in our area. Thank you for letting us help you tell your story.

-Carla & Greg
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Carla and Greg’s daughter, Heather Morgan, manages Hampton Cove Wedding Venue. She married Ryan Morgan at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation in August of 2013. Their passion is now their job, where they get to bring people together every day of the week.

Heather is the manager of the wedding venue, certified wedding planner, and mother to two precious children with Ryan. Ryan is the groundskeeper and go-to guy for getting stuff done around the venue. Their favorite part of the wedding day is seeing the families join and meeting new little ones being born into this world
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The Hampton Cove
Wedding Venue Team

We make sure your wedding day is the perfect, stress-free day. It’s your day, and we want you to tell your love story— just the way you want. There is no way Hampton Cove would be able to make this happen without a full team. We’re lucky to have our family, Aaron and Danielle Dorough, as a part of the Hampton Cove team, making sure everything is Instagrammable on arrival, the smell of freshness in the area, and comfort is around every corner. We work hard to make sure your day is the best day.

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